Shasta Winter – Denali Training

Welcome to the next installment of Denali training for our spring 2018 trip! Since my last post, I’m sad to sad that Maura won’t be joining us on our trip to Alaska. However, I’m super happy for her being able to get a job that she’s super stoked about and the flexibility to do a bunch of traveling before she starts full-time.

Last week, Patrick, Brent, and I headed back up to Mt. Shasta for some winter camping experience for Denali – this time we decided to head for the easily accessible Avalanche Gulch route on the south side of the mountain. As we watched the weather for the week leading up to the trip we got more and more excited: very cold with lots of wind and snow. Perfect! Continue reading “Shasta Winter – Denali Training”

My First Backcountry Ski

My first time riding the backcountry

I first skied outside a ski resort with my friend Ian back east in the winter of 2009-2010 in upstate New York in the Adirondacks. I was still snow boarding back then. I hauled my snowboard up on my pack using a pair of snowshoes borrowed from the Clarkson university outdoor club’s equipment room. This was the first time I’d seen anyone using climbing skins on their skis or using Telemark bindings. Continue reading “My First Backcountry Ski”