Summit Day!!!! (maybe?)- Abort!

Its finally here– Summit Day! (maybe?)

Jay texted me this morning “Cold AF. Probably going for it”, and that was the last I heard.  Hours and hours of wondering what was happening until finally another Garmin update!

4:30pm PST Update:

“Autobahn Top”

The autobahn is a long steep, section that leads up to Denali Pass at 18,300 feet. The summit is at 20,310 feet, and High Camp is at 17,200 feet.

This means they have gained about 1,000 feet of elevation and have about 2,000 feet to go.  I will post updates as we get them, so stay tuned! We are not sure if they are just exploring or going for the summit.

You can see High Camp (far left), Top of Autobahn (triangle, current location) and the summit to the right.

7:00pm Update:

Temperatures were reaching extreme lows, so after reaching Denali Pass PB+J made the very smart decision to turn back to camp .  Temps are dangerously low and it was decided risking frostbite was not worth a summit.

They are unsure if they will make another attempt for the summit or not. Conditions at 17,200 feet are harsh.

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