Mt Baker 2016

Brent and I climbed Mt Baker via the Easton Glacier from the south on our way to climb in Squamish, BC. July 31 – Aug 1 2016.

We hiked in up the Railroad grade and got to camp just after 3:00pm. After setting up camp we decided to explore around a bit and found ourselves crossing a few ridges and getting a breathtaking view of the Deming Glacier and the valley below (see the image gallery).

The next day we were up and dressed before 2:30am and set off toward the summit. The hardest part of the day was that Brent’s ~15 year old mountain boots no longer hit all that well. His feet were completely wrecked by the time we got off the mountain.

After picking our way through relatively small crevasses and following the reasonably good boot-pack “trail” all morning we hit the summit at about 8:40AM! We shared our views with only 5 or 6 other people (two of whom were deaf and asked us to take a photo for them).

The hike down was uneventful (but beautiful) and we got back to camp sometime around 1:30pm; our feet were sore!

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