High Camp–OMG!

PB+J have made it to High Camp!  Getting to high camp involves some technical steep climbing.  They started at 14,200 feet and ended at 17,200 feet. That is 3,000 feet of gain in just a short span of time! The InReach notice stated it was COLD.

You can see PB+J (blue triangle) at High Camp, closing in on the summit (summit is still labeled Mt McKinley, though the correct name is Denali)

High camp is known for its extreme cold, harsh winds, and the difficulty performing tasks at high altitude.  Here, PB+J will wait for a good day before making a summit bid. High camp often requires really well built walls around the tent, meaning exhausting, back breaking work. If weather is extra bad, some teams build double walls.

Summit day will be a looong day. Extreme cold and winds, difficult terrain, and 3,000+ feet of elevation gain over 2.5 miles. Many teams end up at high camp for multiple days waiting for a good weather forecast. As of right now, a light storm is moving in, with the best weather Thursday through Saturday. Currently there is no update from PB+J on when they hope to make a summit bid.

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  1. Progress is impressive, look forward to learning which day they will attempt the summit of the tall one.

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