Gear Cached at 10k Feet– Wow!

So Far, So Good!

Yesterday, PB+J started what is known as a  “double carry”.  This is where they carried a bunch of their gear (about 200lbs according to the InReach Garmin message) and cached it at 10,000 feet before going back to camp.

They have whats known as “wands” to mark where they cache things.  They are essentially metal garden stakes, and they mark them with either unique tape patterns or by writing their name on it.  PB+J have Pink Unicorn Duct Tape to mark their flags on their wands.

After caching their gear, they go back to Camp1 for the night.  This follows the principle of “Climb High, Sleep Low” which is a good way to acclimatize your body to the high elevations.

A message from Jay stated that it was a tough day, great weather, and they are getting lots of photos!  The Garmin message to the website stated “Back at camp and ready to collapse” which lets us know how tough the day was.

Today, they plan on making an attempt to climb to Camp 2 at 11,000 feet.  The distance between Camp 1 and Camp 2 is approximately 4 miles, with 3,200 feet elevation gain.  Good luck today!

You can see Basecamp (bottom left), snack break (middle) and Gear Cache (top left). You can see the summit to the upper right.

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  1. Any update on today’s storm? Building a fort around the tent sounds like a lot of exercise? How many calories are you burning per day?

    1. They are expecting to burn 3,000-4,000 Calories per day! Just putting up the newest post. 🙂

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