Denali Prep

It’s official, I’m planning a trip to Denali’s West Buttress for the spring of 2018 with Brent, Patrick and Maura!

For the last couple weeks I’ve been consumed by a desire to research and plan. I’ve got two guidebooks and lots of online resources. I’m slowly and meticulously combining all this information into a giant spreadsheet with everything from step-by-step route instructions to gear lists and unanswered questions.

Wednesday Feb 1, 2017

Tonight was my first night snow camping…in my back yard! Put up the Brooks

Night out at home in a mild winter storm.

Range Propel tent and stayed out in a mild (32deg low) wind/sleet storm. The

worst part was the condensation and the small size of the tent. I was also a tad chilly in my 8 year old 30deg bag with long underwear and a light puffy on.

Friday Feb 3, 2017

Scarpa Koflach Arctis Expe

Just bought my boots for Denali! Scarpa Koflach Arctis Expe, $330 with

ActiveJunky from Still need overboots and probably a set of Intuition Denali liners. After starting a cost sheet this morning I was rather surprised that this trip is going to cost over $4,000 so I decided to start getting stuff now while 2017 winter sales are going on.

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