Denali 2022 – Take Two


Jason and Brent at basecamp. 2018

Second Attempt

Hello, and thanks for checking out my blog! I first attempted Denali in 2018 with two of my best friends Patrick and Brent. There’s a link to the 2018 blog above.

Just like we did in 2018, we’ll be sending daily updates via a Garmin Inreach to my wife Beth, who has graciously volunteered to keep the 2022 blog updated with where we are and what the conditions are like on the mountain. Hopefully we can even add some photos from 2018 to add some more color to the posts.

Recap of 2018 and why we’re going back

About Denali

Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) at 20,310′ is the highest point in North America. It’s located in Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska.
The mountain is known for it’s cold temperatures (not uncommon to hit -40ºF), wind (80+mph in storms), and snowfall (multiple FEET per storm). These storms roll through with some regularity and a typical expedition will find themselves hunkering down in their tent for days waiting for safe travel conditions.

The Route

West Buttress Climbing Route
Denali’s West Buttress