Day 5: Rest Day at 11k!

Overnight the guys experienced some snow, so there was a short shoveling session at 1:00am. It important to shovel the tent out regularly during snow to ensure the air exchange is not compromised and to prevent too much weight from being on the tent.

Brent was the first out of the tent after they woke up and Jason reported that there was maybe 50ft visibility with some whiteout like conditions.

That means its a perfect day for a rest day!

Rest days allow the body to acclimatize, as well as refuel and rest. The high elevations put strain on the body so having days to rest and acclimate is super important! They will organize gear, plan for the next few days, eat, nap and maybe listen to some audiobooks or play a game.

2018 photo of what can happen if you don’t shovel snow overnight.
2018 photo of a typically rest day. Not sure who this is, either Patrick or Brent I think.

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    1. We had to navigate from 11k to about 12,500 the next day in a whiteout. It was really nerve wracking.

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