Day 3: Camp 1.5 to Camp 2

Another big day today for the guys, they made it to Camp 2 at 11,000 feet, gaining over 2,000 feet in elevation in todays climb. They did this as a single carry in about 5.5 hours. After today they will most likely start caching items and then going back for those items. Typically you “cache high, sleep low”. This means you bring a portion of your gear up to or close to your next camp, and then descend to sleep at the previous camp. This allows them to go back and get it easily after reaching the next camp.

Todays weather should have been good. Per a message from Jason it was a little windy, but temps should have been above freezing and they did not get any snow overnight or during the day. The storm in the forecast yesterday disappeared, which is not uncommon. Storms and come and go very quickly on Denali. Its not uncommon for groups to be stuck in their tent for days on end if a big storm rolls in.

The weather for tomorrow (as of writing this) looks like it should hold with the partly sunny/some wind we have been seeing the last few days. Temperatures will be closer to zero from here on out as they move upwards.

Tomorrow may or may not be a rest day. It will depend on how they are feeling in the morning. On one hand, when you have the good weather its nice to use it… on the other, acclimation and rest days are important for your body. Tune in tomorrow to see how it went!

Progression from Base Camp to Camp 2.
Looking from Camp 2 up through the next section. This is where it starts getting steep.
The “bathroom” for those wondering how they do it. They like to dig out some walls for a little privacy.

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