Camp 2, Woot Woot!!

Despite a delayed flight that first day in Alaska, PB+J has managed to stay 100% on track for their climb. So far, based on the weather forecast, there have been mild winds and snow showers but nothing serious (earlier in the year a bunch of climbers got stuck in place for 9 days when a storm dumped between 5-12 FEET of snow around the mountain)

The day-by-day schedule Jay left for me. Amazingly they are still on track!

Yesterday morning, they  woke up to a balmy 12° morning,  broke down their Camp 1 camp, buried their CMC for retrieval on the way  down, and headed out! (to read more about the CMC click HERE)

Amazingly, based on the timing of Garmin messages, the got from Camp 1 to Camp 2 in only 5.5 Hours. Guided groups websites state it could be a 9-12 hour day on their websites.  Camp 2 is located around 11,200 feet. It is approximately 4 miles with 3,400 feet in Elevation gain. Wow. Talk about a long day!

Today will be what is referred to as an “active rest day”. They will go down to their cached items at 10,000 feet and carry them back up to Camp 2, but they will not make any forward or upward progress.  Tomorrow they may take a full rest day to nap, load up on calories, and acclimate to the high elevation.

Last night, Jay texted that he enjoyed some of the Mac and Cheese we made and some Instant Horchata!  Yummmmy!

You can see how far they have come so far. After Camp 2 is where things become more technical.

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  1. Wow! Amazing progress. Hope the weather holds so the rest day is restful. PB&J, you guys are amazing!!

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