Camp 1- Arrived!

After landing on the glacier at BaseCamp (7,200) around 1:00pm, a few things had to be done.  They cached some drinks (remember that fireball and margaritas?), some food, and some fuel. This is because when the return they may need to wait a day or two (or more if a big storm rolls through) and they don’t want to carry the weight of things they wont be using.

The Garmin Map showing the stops. Basecamp/Food Cache, Candy Break in the Middle, and Camp 1

They then had to pack and organize gear into sleds. Once that was done, they were off to Camp 1.  Camp 1 is at 7,800 feet.  While they started at 7,400 feet the actual trek is 5.5 miles of up and down, dropping to 6,800 feet at least once.

From the time they landed at the glacier until the time they reached Camp 1 was about 7 hours. Not bad!!

After arrival camp had to be set up and dinner cooked.  A midnight message document the first spill of Instant  Ramen in the tent. Whoops.
Oh– and did I mention its only 28º out?  Oh Dear.

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  1. They are off to a great start. Hope the weather holds for good climbing conditions. Good work/relax balance on day one (margaritas-it’s 5;00 o’clock somewhere!). Looking forward to more posts

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